Cashable term deposit

We offer you a compound interest saving account that allows you to make cash withdrawal transactions without penalty interest or canceling the term.


  • Receive your deposit interest at the end of each month
  • Make cash withdrawal transactions from term deposit
  • Choose terms and currencies that suit your needs
  • Manage your accounts over Internet bank or 'Arig online' application
  • Have an automated transaction service
  • Up to 20 million MNT insured by Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Call our 24/7 call center at 7070-1001 to get information and inquiries about your account 


Term / Currency Annual interest rate / Annual interest rate for withdrawn amount
6 months 10.1% /nominal interest 10.58%/ 2.0% /nominal interest 2.02%/
9 months 11.2% /nominal interest 11.79%/ 2.4% /nominal interest 2.43%/
12 months 12.5% /nominal interest 13.24%/ 2.6% /nominal interest 2.63%/
24 months 12.9% /nominal interest 13.69%/  3.5% /nominal interest 3.56%/
Minimum balance 100,000,000 MNT 50,000 USD
Withdrawal transaction term  Withdrawal transactions can be made once every first week of the month 
Withdrawal transaction amount  Amounts above the minimum balance can be withdrawn 
Penalty interest rate, in case of termination of contract 3.75% 0.75%

Fees and commissions





Income transaction Cash, non-cash income -
Withdrawal transaction Cash withdrawal* - 0.5%
Cash transaction

Interbank transaction /before 16 pm/

1,000 MNT 1,500 MNT
Interbank transaction  /after 16 pm/ 1,000 MNT 3,000 MNT
Non-cash transaction Transaction between own accounts -
Transaction between Arig bank accounts 100 MNT
Interbank transaction  /up to 5 million MNT/ 200 MNT 0.5 USD
Interbank transaction  /more than 5 million MNT/ 400 MNT 0.5 USD
Open an account -
Saving book 1,000 MNT
Account statement /per sheet/ 100 MNT
Close an account 1,000 MNT

* A commission will be charged if the non-cash income in the account is spent in cash

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Required documents

  • Citizen identity card or Passport
  • For foreigners in addition Certificate of alien registration