Demand deposit account /monthly interest/

By choosing our Compound interest demand deposit you will receive your interest into your account every month, where you can deposit and make withdrawals anytime.


  • Make deposits and withdrawals anytime
  • Open a new account and manage it over Internet bank or 'Arig online' application
  • Have an automated transaction service
  • Up to 20 million MNT insured by Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Call our 24/7 call center at 7070-1001 to get information and inquiries about your account 


Currency Minimum balance Annual interest rate


5,000 MNT

7.5% /nominal interest 7.76%/

Fees and commissions





Income transaction Cash, non-cash income -
Withdrawal transaction Cash withdrawal -
Cash transaction 1,000 MNT
Non-cash transaction Transaction between own accounts -
Transaction between Arig bank accounts 100 MNT
Interbank transaction  /up to 5 million MNT/ 200 MNT
Interbank transaction  /more than 5 million MNT/ 400 MNT
Open an account -
Monthly fee for an account 200 MNT
Account statement /per sheet/ 100 MNT
Close an account 1,000 MNT

Click HERE to see the general terms and conditions of the bank's products and services.

Required documents

  • Citizen identity card or Passport
  • For foreigners in addition Certificate of alien registration