Reference, Information service

Account reference letter

Service Commission

-Reference on account /without balance/

-Reference on loan outstanding, balance, payment

-Reference on loan account

-Reference on loan availability

-Reference on the credit card balance

-Reference on loan collateral




5,000 MNT

-Reference on account /with balance/

-Reference on multiple accounts information

-Reference on account transaction and balance

-Reference on summary of Visa applicant's account statement



5,000 MNT*

Issuing account reference letter within 14 days upon opening an account or changing joint account holder 30,000 MNT*
Reference letter from Arig online bank No fee*

* The account will be frozen for 1 day 


Issuing documents copy from the archive

Service Commission
Document within 1 year term /per page/ 5,000 MNT
Document more than 1 year term /per page/ 10,000 MNT