Conditions and terms:

Purchase of private house


Loan amount

Term Down payment Interest rate
Mortgage loan not exceeding total payable amount of purchasing apartment 240 months 20-30%

Monthly:            1.6-1.8%

Annually: 19.2%-21.6%

Completing construction of private house
up to 1 bln MNT
Purchase of ger-area house up to 15 mln MNT 120 months
Completing construction of ger-area house  

Required documents:

  • Passport size photo, Notarized copy of Identification card;
  • Reference letter from residing district;
  • Sale and purchase agreement;
  • Evidence of down payment if new house is to be purchased;
  • Reference letter from Police department;
  • Original documents of collaterals;
  • Written consent of co-owners (notarized);
  • Loan agreement and other repayment documents of loans granted by other banks and non-banking financial institutions;
  • Proof of family and business income;
  • Other documents related to business.


  • Shall not have any outstanding non-performing loan from other banks and non-banking financial institutions.
  • Apartment or private house to be purchased will be utilized only for residential need of family.
  • Must have a permanent income (salary, business income etc).
  • The apartment and private house for purchase must be chosen beforehand.