If a need for money arises, our Savings Account owners can get loans without terminating their savings by putting their savings as collateral. This means you will get to enjoy a lower loan rate compared to other loans.


  • No additional loan fees and charges;
  • The interest is much lower on this loan compared to other loans, which equals to your savings monthly interest rate + 0.5% monthly;
  • Arig Bank's professional and experienced Care Advisors can give you an offer especially designed for you and your needs;
  • No documents needed to get approval;
  • You will not stand in long lines at Arig Bank, and our staff will greet and treat you like a guest to their home.


  • Maximum loan amount - 85% of the balance
  • Maximum loan amount /for Prepaid interest deposit/ - 70% of the balance
  • Maximum loan amount /for 'Accumulation basis' savings/ - 70% of the balance
  • Annual loan interest* - Annual interest of a saving + 6%
  • Commission charge: 3,000 MNT
  • There is no commission charge for Saving backed loan through an Internet bank and Pocket bank application
  • If the loan is closed or the loan is paid off on the same day as the opening day 5,000 MNT will be charged

Required documentation:

  • Citizen identity card or Passport
  • Consent from the joint account holder of a savings account
  • Savings book or certificate

*In order to establish a stable financial relationship with the customer, based on strategic customer requests, credit research, and financial efficiency, it is possible to decrease and set the interest rate of the savings backed loan by adding 3.6-6.0% per annum to the interest rate of the term deposit.