General Requirements:

  • To have the management capacity and ability to use the loan in a profitable manner;
  • Have uninterrupted operation of the business in the last 12 months;
  • Have business profitability projection and calculation;
  • Have special permits and licences nesessary for business operation;
  • No past due or bad loans at other financial institutions.

Loan Terms and Conditions:

Loan Purpose Maximum Loan amount (MNT) Maximum Loan tenure (months) Repayment options Interest rate /monthly/ based on borrowers qualifications
To buy a commercial real estate building Bank own capital 20% up to 120 No principal payment for the first 12 months, equal monthly payments thereafter

                 Monthly: 1.6%-1.9%

Annually: 19.2%-22.8%

To renovate commercial purpose real estate 60
To buy a commercial equipment and machinery 500,000,000 60
To buy office furniture and equipment 500,000,000 60 Equal monthly payments



  • Business loans are now ofeered for 120 month period, which gives convenience and flexibility for business owners.
  • No principal payment for the first 12 months of loan tenure.
  • Arig Bank's professional and experienced Care Advisors can give you an offer especially designed for you and your needs.
  • The loan approval will take 8 working hours.
  • You will not stand in long lines at Arig Bank, and our staff will greet and treat you like a guest to their home.


  • Handwritten letter of Loan Request (with a photo taken within last 6);
  • Filled out Loan Application form from Arig Bank;
  • Notarized copy of Personal ID;
  • Document related to business; 
  • Proof of residency; 
  • Loan spending and profitability projection; 
  • Real estate Certificate (original copy), official inquiry on other loans; 
  • Other necessary documents for loan approval.