Terms and conditions:

Amount 2.0 bil For individuals: 2.0 bln MNT and equal USD
Interest rate

Monthly: 1.6%-1.9% 

Annually: 19.2%-22.8%

Monthly: 1.1%-1.5%

Annually: 13.2%-18%

Commitment fee 4%
Loan period 24 months

Does your business have seasonal income? Do you get the need for sudden financial need? Then our Business Line of Credit is for you, where you can improve your business in a short period of time.


  • This loan is for seasonal businesses and their need for unexpected financial needs.
  • Use the credit line up to the approved limit whenever there is a need.
  • Get approved once but use when you need it.
  • No principal payment for up to 2/3 of the loan period.
  • No interest charged for unused Line of Credit amount.
  • Get approved within 8 working hours.

General Requirements:

  • Mongolian citizen, Legal Entity, Foreign citizen with legal residency in Mongolia who is working or operating business with all necessary permits (Permits must not expire less than 6 months after the Line of Credit expiration date);
  • Have full legal capacity;
  • Must not have bad loan balances or history;
  • Have a good history of a  paid off loan from financial institutions for period of more than 18 months;
  • Have a permanent residence and address in Mongolia and have consistent business operation for the last 12 months;
  • The business operations must not be legaly prohibited and have valid permits and special licences;
  • The income from the business must be sufficient to pay the loan payments and be proven with acceptable documents;
  • The income should be enough to cover all outstanding loans including this Line of Credit;
  • The loan applicant must not be convicted of any fellony or be a part of any ongoing investigation;
  • If the legal entity has multiple members, all members have to agree and support the decicion of obtaining the loan;
  • The loan use and spending has to be in related operations of the business;
  • The loan collateral can be in loan applicant or third party's name;
  • All processes related to collateral will be conducted according to Collateral Appraisal Guidelines of Arig Bank.

Collateral Asset:

  • The loan collateral can be in loan applicant or third party's name.
  • All processes related to collateral will be conducted according to Collateral Appraisal Guidelines of Arig Bank.

Required documents:

  • Handwritten letter of loan request with loan amount, loan purpose, desired interest, tenure and repayment income source;
  • Filled out loan application form;
  • For legal entity, an official letter of loan request with official seal and signature;
  • Notarized copy of indentification for individuals and certificate of registration for legal entity (Citizen ID card, Employee ID card or Driver's Licence when necessary, passport, certificate of registration, etc);
  • Proof of residency;
  • Brochure or introduction material from business;
  • Presentation of business history and operations (line of operations, number of employees, capacity, location and all other detailed information necessary for loan approval process);
  • An official letter of desision to obtainn a loan from all legal owners of entity;
  • Required documents for business operations (permits, work place evaluation, work place permit, lease agreement if the work premises are leased, payment slips, etc);
  • Agreements and documents related to business revenue and expences;
  • Loan spending and profitability projection;
  • Loan repayment schedule and source of income;
  • Profitability calculation from obtained loan;
  • Financial statament of co-signer, ar  if any;
  • If there are joint owners fro any of the collateral, notarized and written letter from all owners agreeing to put their property as collateral on the loan;
  • When necessary, an appraisal and insurance from authorized third party on collateral;
  • Land ownership document or permit to lease from authorized agency, valid agreement, certificate (original copy);
  • Real Estate Certificate (original copy), official inquiry of other loans on the property;
  • Same documents required for all co-borrowers;
  • Collateral agreement and statement of payments for other outstanding loans;
  • Other documents as requested.

Additional documents for foreign citizens:

  • Permission to work and/or conduct business in Mongolia;
  • Employment agreement with organization/employer;
  • Rental agreement at the residing address;
  • Assurance letter from employer;
  • All required documents for co-borrower.