General requirements:

  • Have successful, uninterrupted operation of the business in the last 12 months
  • Have a collateral asset that is sufficient to back the loan
  • No past due or bad loans at other financial institutions

Collateral asset:

  • Residential real estate
  • Commercial real estate
  • Land and real estate

Terms and conditions:

Loan amount It depends on the nature, scale and financial capabilities of the business
Interest rate /monthly/ 1.6%-1.9% 1.1%-1.5%
Interest rate /annually/ 19.2%-22.8% 13.2%-18%
Loan term 36 months
Commission charge 1% or no more than 2.9 mln MNT
Loan application fee 10,000 MNT


We are pleased to offer our business loan to our business customers. The aim of the loan is to help increase working capital for those looking to boost revenue and improve product quality. Flexible loan terms and efficient service awaits you.

  • Business loans are now offered for 36 month period, which gives convenience and flexibility for business owners
  • No principal payment for 1/3 of the loan tenure
  • Arig Bank's professional and experienced Financial Advisors can give you an offer especially designed for you and your needs.
  • The loan approval will take 8 working hours
  • You will not stand in long lines at Arig Bank and our staff will greet and treat you like a guest to their home.

Required documents:

  • Loan application letter
  • Filled out loan application form
  • ID passport, Proof of residency
  • Special license and other documents related to business
  • Loan spending and profitability projection 
  • Real estate certificate /original copy/
  • Other necessary documents