Credit card

Arig credit card for your daily financial needs.


  • High credit limit
  • Other banks customer can apply 
  • A grace period of 45 days on purchases 
  • Flexible repayment terms            

Card service terms:


Service Individuals Business
Domestic credit card Gold credit card Business credit card
Credit limit 100,000-5,000,000 MNT equivalent 5,000,001-30,000,000 MNT equal USD 100,000-50,000,000 MNT equal USD
Term Up to 2 years
Non-cash transaction interest rate Monthly-1.8%
Cash transaction interest rate Monthly-2.4%
Grace period (Purchase) Up to 45 days
Collateral Future income. Future income.
For credit cards over MNT 10 million, additional car or real estate collateral For credit cards over MNT 20 million, additional car or real estate collateral
Cash limit (% of credit limit) 75%
Maximum over-the-limit amount 10%
Payment due day From the 1st to the 15th of every month
Minimum payment 10% used credit limit + total of interest and fee
Late payment fee 1%, (min 10,000 MNT)
Over-the-limit fee 2.00%
Loan Agreement Amendment Fee 1.00%
Card fee 20,000 MNT 50,000 MNT 30,000 MNT
Card reorder fee 10,000 MNT
Urgent ordering card fee 5,000 MNT
Daily transaction limit
POS /Merchant,Bank POS/ 5,000,000 MNT 10,000,000 MNT 10,000,000 MNT
АТМ 5,000,000 MNT
Additional conditions Customer can request to increase their daily transaction limit
Deposit transaction
Deposit transaction at Arig bank branch No fee
Cash withdrawal from branch
Arig bank MNT accoount - no fee, Foreign currency - exchange rate of the bank.
Contracted bank 300 MNT
Other bank 500 MNT
Purchase transaction
Arig bank POS No fee
Contracted bank POS No fee
Other bank POS No fee
Payment for Public services 300 MNT for transaction over 10,000 MNT
200 MNT for transaction below 10,000 MNT
Pin change /АТМ/ 100 MNT
Pin change /Bank/ 500 MNT
Internet Pin code /ATM/ 100 MNT
Balance inquiry
Arig bank no fee
Contracted bank 100 MNT
Other bank 100 MNT
Card limit
Number of transactions per day 100
Number of correct PIN attempts 3

Cash transactions: 

  • Cash withdrawal transaction of any ATM
  • Cash withdrawal transaction at the bank teller. 
  • Cash withdrawal transaction of Cash back service on POS terminal  
  • Any transfer transaction of internet bank

Non-cash transactions:

  • Purchase transaction of POS 
  • Purchase transaction of E-Commerce

 Required documents

  • Personal ID
  • 1% photo; /No more than 6 months/
  • Salary reference from employer
  • Other proof of income documents

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