With our International VISA Card, you can receive service at any bank, POS and ATM around the world. With EMV security Chip installed, the no.1 card security technology, Now you can conduct your finances fully protected from cash risks.

 Our International VISA card has the following advantages:

  • Able to reduce risks of carrying cash, and capable to control expenses and incomes by your card
  • You can receive a loan on your card

Interest rates and fees:

Card Limit, Processing Fee International VISA card
00 0 MNT

Annual fee

20,000 MNT or equal currency

23,000 MNT or equal currency

25,000 MNT or equal currency

Card replenishment fee 12,000 MNT or equal currency
Urgent ordering card fee 5,000 MNT


Daily Transaction Limit

POS/Branches, Merchants/ MNT account - 10 million MNT
USD account - 5,000 USD
АТМ MNT account - 5 million MNT
USD account - 3,000 USD
Making Deposits into the Card Fee at Arig Bank No Fee
at corresponding banks 200 MNT or equal currency




Cash Withdrawal Fee

at Arig Bank

MNT account - withdrawal on MNT without fee
MNT account - withdrawal on USD is calculated on Bank currency exchange rate
USD account - withdrawal on MNT is calculated on Bank currency exchange rate
USD account - withdrawal on USD is 0.3% (minimum 3 USD)
at corresponding banks 300 MNT on MNT withdrawals, 0.3% on USD withdrawals (minimum 0.2 USD)
at other domestic banks 500 MNT
at international banks 2% (minimum 3 USD)



Merchant Fee

at Arig Banks' merchants


No Fee

at international banks' merchants
at other domestic banks' merchants
Paying State service fee at POS & Online site 10,000 below MNT fee 200 MNT 
10,000 above MNT fee 300 MNT 



Card Balance Inquiry

at Arig Bank No Fee
at corresponding banks


100 MNT

at other domestic banks
at international banks 0.3 USD or equal MNT



Corresponding banks


Trade and development bank, Ulaanbaatar city bank, Capiron bank, National Invest bank, Chinggis khan bank, Bogd bank, Trans bank

Required documentation:


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