In order to acquire domestic “T” card, Visa, UPI, and JCB card for customer payment and provide fast, reliable services to customer, our bank is cooperating with merchants to install POS machines.


Arig Bank’s POS machine has the following advantages:

• Accepting domestic T -card and international cards (Visa, Union pay, JCB) for payment will help your business create quality service and favorable environment for your customers.

• Facilitate the handling of small number of banknotes through reducing the volume of cash handled.

• Services becoming faster and eliminate the hassle of long lines.

• Reduce the costs related to cash, to prevent risk of receiving counterfeit banknotes through cash payment. 

• Enhance your profitability by building a positive reputation to attract customers. 

• Becoming a card merchant and cooperating with Arig bank, you can access internet banking and card services, that will save you time and money. 

• Merchants can receive account statements through the online network and monitor transactions 24 hours a day.


Transaction fees:

• Domestic card -1%

• International card -3%


Required documents:

• Open current account.

• Incorporate certificate copy.

• If individuals, will be required ID number and operational license.

• POS request application form.

• Other required documents.