Dear customer, if you want to transfer money to foreign countries, please pay attention to the information below.

If you are engaged in foreign trade and receive an e-mail asking to transfer the payment to another account due to the fact that the account information of your client has changed, please note that you must call the client to clarify whether this is true.

If you are under any pressure to make this transfer due to the loss of personal photos and videos from online communication with a foreign national, please notify the Police immediately.

If you accidentally receive information about winning the lottery and receiving a large amount of cash on your computer or mobile phone and try to transfer this transaction as an advance, please note that this may be a crime of electronic fraud!

If you suspect that any of the above incidents have happened to you, you can contact the Police Department at 11-311606, 102 for information and advice, and receive online applications and complaints from the Police Department at You can submit your application on the site.

Arig Bank offers you MoneyGram, the best and latest in providing fast, reliable money transfer between individuals all over the world. This service is available at all of our Arig Bank branches.

MoneyGram offers you:

  • 300,000 service locations in over 200 countries around the world.
  • Lowest rates among comparable services.
  • Send and receive cash within 10 minutes.
  • No need to own an account at the bank.
  • You can send a little message with your transfer for free /max 10 words.


0-100 USD 8USD
100.01-250 USD 12 USD
250.01-500 USD 20 USD
500.01-750 USD 30 USD
750.01-1,000 USD 40 USD
1,000.01-1,250 USD 55 USD
1,250.01-1,500 USD 70 USD
1,500.1-2,000 USD 90 USD
2,000.01–2,500 USD 100 USD
2,500.01 – 3,000 USD 110 USD
3,000.01 – 3,500 USD 120 USD
3,500.01 – 4,000 USD 130 USD
4,000.01 – 5,000 USD 150 USD
5,000.01 – 5,500 USD 180 USD
5,500.01 – 6,000 USD 200 USD
6,000.01 – 6,500 USD 220 USD
6,500.01 – 7,000 USD 240 USD
7,000.01 – 7,500 USD 250 USD
7,500.01 – 10,000 USD 300 USD


 Required documentation:

     If you want to use MoneyGram to send money:

  • No need to have an account or own a credit card at the Bank.
  • You must bring yout Personal ID.
  • Fill-out the transfer form.
  • Pay service fee(s) apart from the transfering amount.
  • Receive a MoneyGram service passcode from the Bank.
  • You must notify this passcode to the receiver of the transfer.

     If you want to use MoneyGram to receive money:

  • You must know the pass code given to you by the sender.
  • Must present your Personal Id to receive the money
  • Fill-out the recipient form.
  • You will not pay any other fees.