Internet banking

Save time with our Internet Banking services and bank from anywhere, anytime!

Internet Banking is offering you the following advantages:

  • iBank has the latest and simplest 'Flat' design paired with Responsive technology that makes it compatible with any type of screen.
  • Put up your savings as collateral and receive a short term loan to satisfy your financial needs and you can do this online!
  • The iBank Consumption Chart can help you minimize inefficient costs and enhance your financial potential.
  • You can save previous transaction info as a template so there's less hassle when you make you next transfer!
  • You can apply to Internet Banking for free.

Required documents:

  • Request to open internet banking;
  • Personal ID.

Privacy and security:

What is SSL?

SSL - Secure Socket Layer - is a security technology that protects data privacy on internet servers. 

How does SSL work?

SSL encrypts the data sent from the Customer to the Bank and back, thus protecting the data itself. In other words, It makes is unavailable to discover the password that is connected to a User ID. This way SSL enables the secure login into your account.

How does a SSL protected website look like?

When there is a lock image in front and our website URL address starts with https://, it means your connection is secure, thus imprlying it's protected with SSL.

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